Elissa Gabrielle Entertainment is proud to announce New Publishing Company Imani Faith Publishing, LLC an Imprint of Peace in the Storm Publishing, LLC

Launches to Empower People to Empower Themselves.

Houston, Texas July 1, 2015, Award-winning author, motivational speaker, and transformation expert, Cheryl Lacey Donovan has partnered with Peace in the Storm Publishing on the formation of a new imprint called Imani Faith Publishing. The imprint will publish works of personal growth and development, Bible studies, self – help titles, and inspirational devotionals.

Elissa Gabrielle, Peace in the Storm Publishing CEO says Donovan will identify and develop titles for the line, as well as contribute a foreword for the books which will honor the same blueprint as its parent company to assure maximum readership to impact change. Cheryl Lacey Donovan expects to publish multiple titles per year.

“This is a very exciting endeavor, and I’m thrilled that Peace in the Storm Publishing has taken me under their wing,” says Donovan.

Gabrielle added, “We’re delighted to be working with Cheryl Lacey Donovan on a brand-new imprint in which she will select a wide variety of enlightening, life-changing works to support and publish It’s expected that each title will in some way support her vision and powerful teaching.”

To learn more about Imani Faith Publishing visit their website here:
To submit your book idea to Imani Faith Publishing contact:

About Peace in the Storm Publishing
Peace in the Storm Publishing is a broad-based publisher whose strength lies in publishing quality books to reach the reader’s soul. Our motto is “Giving your Soul a Rise, One Page at a Time.” Our mission is to publish entertaining and enjoyable works by gifted storytellers in all genres, including, contemporary fiction, mystery, romance, self- help, general interest fiction, street-lit, erotica, non-fiction and Christian fiction.

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About Cheryl Lacey Donovan
Cheryl Lacey Donovan is an author, educator, mentor, and media personality.

Learn more about Cheryl at


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