Denika Carothers

A native from the island of the Bahamas, Denika Carothers, a Mindset Transformation Coach, specializes in helping women, young and old, transform their mindset from one that is conflicting and limiting, to one that is empowering and liberating.

“Women are the heart of God in the earth, so they have to get their mindset in alignment with their heart space, in order to nurture the earth back to a healthy state.” Denika Carothers

Her platform, C.H.A.N.G.E. – The Catalyst for Success, is designed to invigorate, inspire and provoke her audience to step out of their comfort zone, establish soulful connections, and live in their truth and power. With the gift of insight, she is able to tap into the heart and soul of others, as she helps them to identify the barriers in their life that cause emotional, mental and even spiritual conflicts.

Her passion for helping mothers to effectively connect with their children on a soulful level, comes from her own Soulful Connection experience with her children. She proudly boasts of having raised 3 amazing children, as a single mother, into successful adults. And while she would be the first to admit that it’s not easy, she shows you how it is very possible and the amazing rewards that come with such a connection.

Her inspirational and life changing perspective, which she arrived at by conquering her own life challenges, offers her clients and audiences a transformational view of how to ‘GROW’ through their challenges and inner conflicts. Her clients and colleagues say that she is the “bridge between your questions and your answers.”

She is an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker and Author. Her newest book, Who In The Hell Do You Think You Are, will help you understand how to create your own personal heaven on earth, rather than living in a “hell” of your own creation.

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