HOUSTON – Aug. 14, 2015 – PRLog — Shiraz Mohammed is no stranger to the temptations that face today’s youth. As a teen, Shiraz found himself bound by the demons of drug addiction. But today, through his writing, he seeks to save others from his mistake.

Shiraz has shared how dark it was living in a place of confusion brought on by the use of mind altering substances. He also recalls the feeling of utter disdain regarding the response of the mental health industry.

Shiraz’s contributions with Imani Faith Publishing will explore these topics in a personal transparent way that will inspire others to take action. Some of Shiraz’s favorite authors include Langston Hughes, James Baldwin, and Janes Allen. He says his legacy as a writer will be his ability to continue his work in spite of being labeled with a health condition

Shiraz believes it is important to face your reality, overcome your fears, and find your gifts.

Shiraz will be releasing an e-series documenting his struggles fall of 2015. Winter 2016 will see Shiraz’s full length novel re-released to an awaiting audience.

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